Why Guru Dutt is the only classical director that inspires me

Guru Dutt died Fifty -Five years ago in 1964,and with each passing year ,recognition of the tremendous impact that Guru Dutt’s films have had on Indian Cinema has hugely increased .
I came across  this book Guru Dutt ” A Life in A Cinema” by Nasreen Munni Kabir . The very first work of Guru Dutt that i came across is Pyassa .Untill i was big fan of Shyam Bengal’s classic “Ankur” starring Shabana Azmi .I also found Shyam Bengal happens to be cousin of Guru Dutt and though they both differ in there narrative structure.It has become clear to me that Guru Dutt films were the most engaging of the Hindi Cinema Selection and were equally only by the enigmatic and often tragic character that he himself assumed on screen.I have read about many director’s and  there influence in film making being Guru Dutt. There are thousands of people – both Young and old – who never hesitated to quote his name when to recall a favorite director.

The use of close ups – they tell the main story in his works if you analyse his work properly  .Guru  Dutt once told his assistant Raj Khosla ,”80 % of acting is done with the eyes of the actor ,and 20% of the rest.

It’s true when you look at a person,you look into the eye of the person.The eyes are the most expressive part .He knew it without being taught.His interest in details were very dominant in his work.If he was filming a crowd scene ,he would instruct each person on what to do or say.

He was very careful about the details ,that’s why his characters came alive.The audience reaction to particular situation is also an overpowering factor .Filmmakers attempting off-beat and unconventional subjects have to reckon with this alarming factor.Today the box -office trends are dictated by the working class and the nouveau riche. Hence the popularity of crime ,spectacle and cheap musicals on our screen.

80 % of our films produced in a year don’t prove a big success and a majority of these fails.This means stars ,huge sets,music and the overabundance of the so called box office ingredients are  not the be -all and end -all of hit making.At a limited cost of  50-70 lakhs or  5 to 10 crore , so we could make new attempts to break the barrier or the present stagnation.By giving more prominence to the story and its treatment and by a lesser reliance on the music at any cost gaze ,we could definitely change the pattern of present of day film making.I firmly believe that the songs seriously hamper the emotional development of a story in a film,however good the literary contents and however brilliant 
the musical form of the song,unless it is out and out a musical picture .The road to experimentation is paved with many hurdles but guru dutt’s work seems to look a way beyond everything else .

The use of photography and songs can never have been used at their best in guru dutt’s era .
Every work is a milestone,the best of  johnny Walker’s performances comes from guru dutt 
His work will be a great influence to many .His work is the influence of what he has been up to and what he faced 

Mujhe kisi insaan se koi shikayat nahi hai … mujhe shikayat hai samaaj ke us dhanche se joh insaan se uski insaaniyat cheen leta hai … matlab ke liye apne bhai ko beghana banata hai … dost ko dushman banata hai … mujhe shikayat hai us tehzeeb se, us sanskriti se jahan murdon ko puja jaata hai … aur zinda insaan ko pairon tale raunda jaata hai … jahan kisi ke dukh dard pe do aansoon bahana buzdili samjha jaata hai … chupke milna ek kamzori samjha jaata hai … aaise maahaul mein mujhe kabhi shanti nahi milegi, kabhi shanti nahi milegi 

-Guru Dutt


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